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Viasat is a global provider of mobile satellite antennas

We are proud to serve our customers around the world

Viasat offers mobile antennas for airborne, 土地, and maritime applications delivering superior range and reliable connectivity. We help ensure our customers have the antennas and custom solutions they need on light-to-large aircrafts, 地面车辆, and maritime vessels to stay productive and informed no matter the location. Our customers include:
  • Network providers
  • Transportable antenna solutions customers
  • 空气craft, maritime, and vehicle integrators
  • Foreign military services
机载 mobile satellite antenna on a table in a lab


Viasat is the right partner for a full-service experience

Paving the way in the production of airborne antennas, 菲律宾bg视讯官网设计, 生产, and tests airborne antenna systems, has access to  industry certificates, and offers a range of products that operate in Ka-band, ku波段, or hybrid Ku-/Ka-band. We also offer custom solutions up to V-band.
Large cargo truck driving off the dock onto a giant cargo ship

Land mobile and maritime antennas

Viasat offers next-generation antenna capabilities for 土地 and sea applications

Our on-the-move and on-the-pause 土地 mobile, 移动式, and maritime antennas deliver unparalleled performance around the world, leveraging our state-of-the-art satellite technology and engineering expertise. Our antenna portfolio includes a range of products that operate in Ka-band, ku波段, or hybrid Ku-/Ka-band, and we offer custom solutions up to V-band.

Let us help you with your mobile antenna needs

Viasat offers a large portfolio of mobile antennas and our team of experts will find the right solution for you.

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