Three male warfighters looking at a laptop in a tactical operations center

Viasat 卫星通信 military modems and C4I networking

高速, high-能力 tactical networking backbone to reach virtually every corner of the battlespace

Fast, reliable, at-the-halt and on-the-move communications

Viasat powers C4I networks like U.S. 军队win - t, 美国空军GBS, DISA传送, 北约SGS, and many more with a wide range of networking topologies and 卫星通信 technologies. With DoD MIL-STD and NATO designations, Viasat has a history of providing satellite modems that are the military and de facto standards for superior bandwidth efficiency, 能力, 安全, 和性能. 

HUMVEE under a camo tent surrounded by barbed-fencing
Diagram demonstrating point-to-point, hub/spoke and full mesh military waveforms

调制解调器, waveforms, and satellite network systems

Viasat 卫星通信 modems deliver warfighters fast, secure access to information across all domains, 在X上操作, C, Ku, Ka satellite bands and the following  waveforms: LinkWay, 一个全网状, bandwidth-on-demand MF-TDMA military waveform; EBEM, a point-to-point highly efficient FDMA waveform; and Arclight, a Hub-spoke  waveform, especially tailored for air and ground mobile platforms. 

Product image of the Viasat MD-1366 EBEM satcom modem
EBEM md - 1366

DoD-standard for strategic and tactical FDMA point-to-point links.

Product image of the Viasat LinkWays2 卫星通信 modem

IP 卫星通信 for fixed, COTP, and COTM tactical terminals.

Product image of the Viasat ruggedized cbm - 400 modem
cbm - 400

Software-defined 卫星通信 modem, 支持FDMA, MF-TDMA, and high-能力 waveforms enabling IP connectivity for fixed sites, COTP, and ground COTM applications.

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Supported Waveforms

Maximum Throughput (Mbps)


EBEM md - 1366

Point-to-Point (FDMA, SCPC)

Fixed, 海上, 机载

MIL-STD 165A, MIL-STD-188-165B / STANAG 4486 ed. 3 (EBEM)

Tx: 155
Rx: 155

1U 19“机架安装


Hub-Spoke, Full-Mesh, Hybrid (MF-TDMA)

Fixed, 海上, 地面 mobile

LinkWay (菲律宾bg视讯官网)

Tx TDMA: 14
Rx TDMA: 14
DVB-S2 Rx: 80

1U 19“机架安装

cbm - 400

Point-to-Point, Hub-Spoke, Full-Mesh, Hybrid

Fixed, 海上, 地面 mobile

MIL-STD-188-165B / STANAG 4486 ed 3 (EBEM)
LinkWay (菲律宾bg视讯官网)
HCKa (菲律宾bg视讯官网)

Up to 400 Mbps combined (based on waveform)
DVB-S2 Rx: Up to 170

Ruggedized Outdoor Enclosure,
Embedded Network Control Center (eNCC)

Light gray gradient with angular features

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